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We produce different sizes, shapes, materials, print craft and chips; customized to your request. From low frequency to ultra-high frequency or you can choose original or compatible chips. No minimum order policy gives us the flexibility to respond to all our customers’ needs.

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  • How Challenge Coins Are Used and Saved

    Challenge coins have become a popular collectible item that is used by the military, police, and other government institutions. The history of challenge coins can be traced back to the Roman empire where coins were given to soldiers as a form of honor and recognition. Nowadays, challenge coins ar...

  • How Challenge Coins Are Made From Artwork

    Challenge coins are a type of coin, badge, or token that can be used as a military or school symbol of recognition. Acquainting yourself with what goes on inside the factory is important. Understanding the production process of challenge coins will help designers to bring their ideas to life.   L...

  • Hard vs soft enamel pins – What’s the difference?

    Hard vs soft enamel pins – What’s the difference? Hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins are popular items used in promotional campaigns, fashion statements, and more. But what is the difference between the two enamel pins?When it comes to creating new pins, it can be difficult to decide between h...

  • some introductions about badges

    SOME INTRODUCTIONS ABOUT BADGES As a light and compact accessory, badges can be used as identity, brand identification, some important commemorative, publicity and gift activities, etc., and often wear badges as a way. Mastering the correct way of wearing a badge is not only related to your ident...



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